About Us

On February 02, 1934, the first Sangh Shakha in Thane was started at this place. From that point of view Shreeram Vyayam Shala, this place is as sacred as Ram Mandir for us. The ardent patriot Aba Ghanekar had dedicated this place for development of youth with national spirit. The first renovation of the old architecture at that time was done in the year 1972 under the leadership of senior activist Madhavrao Kulkarni.

Shriram Vyayam Shala

Shreeram Vyayam Shala, a public trust working since more than 08 decades in Thane for youth development through gathering, sports, exercises having origin of our own Indian soil. The more and more involvement of youths, their gatherings, discussions for extending more Seva avenues other than youth; resulted in amending the existing Trust Deed and renaming it as Shreeram Vyayam Shala Seva Sanstha (reg.#E-449/ Thane) and including other areas of Seva Karyas (avenues) that not only to continue to undertake youth enrichment but also undertakes Woman Empowerment, Nourishing The Indian Family Values As Most Of Nuclear Family, Medical, Yoga including Pranayama, Maintaining Balance Between Physical And Mental Health, Pay Special Attention For Economical / Social Development Of Backward And Deprived Class Of Society Members, Victims Of Evil Treatment Given Elsewhere, With Citizens To Make Them More Competitive , Motivate To Accept Challenges etc.