Shriram Vyamshala

The First Sangh Shakha in Thane

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संघ प्रार्थना

Shriram Vyamshala, Since – 1934

Shriram Vyayam Shala

Shriram Vyayam Shala, a public trust working for more than 8 decades in Thane for youth development through gathering, sports, and exercises having origin of our own Indian soil. The more and more involvement of youths, their gathering, and discussions for extending more Seva avenues other than youth; gives birth to new Public Trust Shriram Vyayam Shala Seva Sanstha (reg.#E-449/ Thane) by amending the then existing Trust Deed and including other

areas of Seva Karyas [avenues] that not only continue to undertake youth enrichment but also undertakes woman empowerment, nourishing the family as most of the nuclear family, medical, yoga including pranayam, maintaining a balance between physical and mental health, pay special attention for the economical/social development of a backward, deprived class of society members, victims of evil treatment given elsewhere, with citizens to make them more competitive, motivate them to accept challenges, etc.

Nava Vastu Project

With existing building becoming old for usage, also limited space for activities undertaken,  trust requires a news premises at same place, specious enough to take care of all activities under one roof.  The foundation stone was laid down on 22nd April,2023.

Hence, we appeal all generous citizens of country like you, to contribute his /her “Angel’s share” by way of donating  Samidha (firewood) in the form of rupee donation for the proposed and ongoing new building project Yajnya-kunda of Shriram Vyayamshala Seva Sanstha, Thane.

Further, trust is fully complied to accept donation for cause of Building premises as per prevailing IT act and issue a system generated donation receipt.

Trust is also endorses without U and Ur support, this Yajna will remain incomplete.

Instructions for Donor:

1. It is presumed that each donor irrespective of amount donated for Building Fund has read the above and also understood the purpose of accepting donation by the Trust.

2. This is to state and confirm that the donor knows the activities carried on by Shreeram Vyayamshala Seva Sanstha.

3. Donation paid to Shreeram Vyayamshala Seva  Sanstha ,Thane is for their Building Fund to be used by them for new building structure.